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CloudMorocco.com is a sister company of 247Mission.com founded in Chicago, IL in 2000. Since Amazon AWS is the leader of Cloud Computing, we followed their lead to use this opportunity to be the 1st Cloud Company to offer AWS Cloud services in Morocco. For whatever reason, the Moroccan community has been leveraging mainly Microsoft products including Azure Cloud. Therefore, we have taken the initiatives to introduce Amazon AWS Cloud to our Moroccan community in hopes they can see the benefits and be able to diversify their IT solutions during their decisions making. We have been helping organizations in Morocco & throughout USA implementing and adopting AWS capabilities that align with defined business outcomes, including Cost Savings (FinOps), Scalability, Innovation, Resiliency, Automation and the strategic use of cloud for IT modernization and digital transformation.

We provide an end-to-end approach including:
  • Migrating Apps & databases from on-prem to AWS
  • Part of CCoE, we promot the practice of FinOps in order optimize Cloud usage and cost efficiency in hopes to keep cost down by leveraging Reserved Instances (RIs) & Savings Plans. We saved RBI Corp (the Burger King Company) about $2 million in 2024 by leveraging Reserved Instances (RIs) & AWS Savings Plans.
  • Designing new Architecture on AWS including NETWORKING (Designing VPCs, Subnets & Security Groups etc..)
  • SECURITY (Leveraging some of AWS services such as CloudTrail, GuardDuty, Inspector & Trusted Advisor..)
  • AUTOMATION - Infrastructure as Code (IaC). We introduced IaC to some of our clients' DevOps teams to leverage Terraform, Ansible & Python via GitLab/GitHub CICD pipelines in order to provision resources to AWS in a quicker & secured manner.


Learn AWS..

Learn AWS at no Cost !

Jalil Aboufariss is offering Free AWS Training to all Moroccan Students And Folks who don't have the financial means to pursue a higher education in Cloud AWS Technology. So, put TikTok & FB down and lets get to work ! It is your FUTURE !

  • Our sessions are designed for individuals pursuing AWS Certifications
  • Prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Certification exams, DevOps exams & SecOps exams and more..
  • Master AWS skills in Well-Architected Framework, AWS Security, Load Balancing, VPC, S3, EC2, as well as learing about Serverless Lambda
  • One of the big trends in Cloud today is Automation - Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Learn how to provision resources to AWS uisng tools such as Terraform, Ansible & Python.
  • Learn how to build CICD pipelines via GitLab

    There is a lot to cover, so do make time to join Jalil Aboufariss online sessions. Subscribe today and reserve your seat.
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  • Our Team

    Our Team will help your organization accelerate innovation and fully unlock the value received from Cloud Technology. We follow proven methodologies, well-documented best practices and AWS Well-Architected Framework. CloudMorocco elevates its customers by achieving operational excellence on the cloud, at every milestone of their journey.

    SECURITY | CloudTrail - GuardDuty - WAF - Inspector
    NETWORKING | VPC - Subnets - Security Group - TGW
    DevOps | EC2 - RDS - ELB - Route 53 - Auto Scaling - S3
    Infrastructor as Code | Terraform, Ansible and Python.
    Containerization | Docker & Incus
    Serverless including AWS Lambda & ECS Fargate

    Quality Over Quantity

    At CloudMorocco, we value Quality over Quantity, thats one of the reasons we dont accept a lot of requests that could affect the quality of our work.

    What We Do

    • Let Cloud247.app do the work for you !

      We built one of most sophisticated App on the market & we have taken Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to another level. Cloud247.app enables you to provision AWS resources on the fly right from Cloud247 UI Dashboard without writing a single line of code. Also, this solution will limit the Users the direct access to your critical environment via AWS Console in hopes to keep it locked down and well secured.

    • Put Your Cloud Security Posture to the Test with CloudMorocco !

      Do you want to find and fix the most critical risks in your cloud environment without spending a fortune or wasting time ? CloudMorocco AWS Security Assessments can give you what you need with no upfront fees, no contract, and no obligation to buy.

    • Automation | Infrastructor as Code (IaC)

      We have introduced IaC to some of our clients' DevOps teams and helped them leverage Terraform, Ansible & Python via GitLab/GitHub CICD pipelines in order to provision resources to AWS in a quicker & secured manner.

    • Support

      CloudMorocco always and consistently put their clients' best interests. We dont just provide a service, we TRULY CARE !

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    It’s art if can’t be explained. It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation.

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